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A C Power Company is the Philadelphia leader in commercial laundry. We have proudly served businesses throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland since 1971.

A C Power Company distributes Electrolux and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment and replacement parts. We can outfit your laundromat business with the best coin laundry machines, and we can provide on-premises laundry solutions for commercial laundries, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and more.

Our expert services include equipment repairs and maintenance services, as well as turn-key projects from expert consultations, location evaluation, and laundry room assessments to design, construction, installation and training (service and management). We also offer equipment financing!

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A professional coin-operated or debit-card laundry is a smart investment, particularly in today’s economy. You have no inventory and no accounts receivable to worry about. It’s an all cash, self-service, low labor, recession-proof business with high return on investment. According to Coin Launderer and Cleaner, a leading trade magazine, the average return on investment of a commercial laundry is 48.7%. That means on the average, your investment in a commercial laundry would be paid back in just over two years. Additional profitable services such as wash, dry and fold, and drop-off dry cleaning can be offered. Self-service commercial laundries have been a growth business since the 90’s, and will continue to be an excellent, easy to manage business in the future. Important factors affecting the earnings potential of a modern commercial laundry are:

  • Location
  • Management
  • Size of the store
  • Equipment Mix
  • Advertising and Promotion

Depending on these variables –especially size– a commercial laundry can gross from $2,500 to $10,000 a week, or more. Each store is different, as is each owner, but these are certainly achievable returns. A C Power Company can assist you in analyzing the potential of specific locations.

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Your business should be located in a high-traffic, densely populated, middle income area with parking. Coin laundries can also do well in middle-to-high income areas with condominiums, apartments and townhouses because many two income families find it more convenient to use the local commercial laundry with it’s wash, dry and fold service.

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Yes, A C Power can provide you with pre-qualified location options, store designs, and equipment recommendations. We can also provide assistance in negotiating a good lease. We usually have locations that are in negotiation and/or in construction.

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No special skills are required. Coin laundry is a service business, so the most important factor in your success is you! A C Power Company will assist you in making your store successful, including assistance with marketing and promotion concepts. However, the most important skill is common sense, hard work, and business professionalism.

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Cost depends on the location, size, equipment mix, and amount of leasehold improvements required for your store. Today’s professional coin laundries typically range in average size from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet, but smaller or larger stores can be just as successful. A properly equipped and built coin laundry can cost between $200,000 to over $1,000,000, but the average cost is approximately $450,000.

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You’ll need to invest a minimum of 20-30% cash to get into the commercial laundry business. The cash investment required depends on the size of your store and the amount of leasehold improvements needed. Remember, you’ll also need to post deposits for the lease and to open your utility accounts.

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A C Power has an inventory of lender partners that can assist you in obtaining the financing package that fits your needs.

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