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  • October 2013 - A C Power Company completed a new On-Premise installation at a Behavioral Health center in Philadelphia.  The location is utilizing the following Electrolux equipment: 2-W5240H 450 G-Force soft mount washers and 2-T5675s 83lb Dryers.  The washers have been configured with the New Smart Dosing features which control liquid soap dispensing amounts relative to the size of the load automatically.  This feature gives the owner full reports on the size of each load completed, the amount of liquid chemicals used, the load temperature, length of time spent and the efficiency of their laundry room attendant.

  • September 2013 - A C Power Company hosted an Open House and New Product Launch Event in Trevose, Pa.  Steve Marcinetti of Card Concepts Inc. and John Olsen of Laundrylux gave presentations about equipment, store operations and the future of the self-service laundry industry. Over 50 people attended to see the new Electrolux Professional Line 5000 series and Wascomat Generation 7 equipment. 

  • September 2013 - Cathy Neilley of Spin Doctor Laundromat in Hamilton, NJ is "changing the paradigm of what a Laundromat should be."

    Spin Doctor Opened in September of 2012 and quickly became
    the most popular Laundromat in the area.  Cathy had an excellent vision for what she wanted her store to become and with the help of A C Power was able to turn that vision into a reality. 
    With the Electrolux Professional line of washers and dryers and using the innovative Card Concepts Laundrycard system Cathy has set a new standard for what a Laundromat should be.   

  • April 2013 - A C Power Company opened a new store in Rehoboth Beach, De.  Ocean Suds Laundromat II has the perfect balance of modern equipment, style and an at home feeling.  Last year this space was a dilapidated "top-load" Maytag Laundromat with a poor reputation that ended up closing its doors as the previous owner left the business and the industry altogether.  New owners Drew and Kathy Rash saw an opportunity to turn the space around and make it a successful business with all modern amenities.  With a lot of hard work and help from A C Power the new Laundromat
    has made a splash with the local community and earned itself some well deserved good publicity.

                                    Before                                                                After

                                    Before                                                                After

  • February 2013 - A C Power Company opens Z Laundromat in Philadelphia.  The newest and most modern Laundromat in the City of Philadelphia.

  • January 1st 2013 - Happy New Year!  We wish all of our customers, partners, friends and families a prosperous 2013!

  • November 2012 - In the wake of Hurricane Sandy A C Power Company assisted in the relief effort by helping our customers who were effected by the storm.  With strong support from Electrolux and Laundrylux we were able to offer service and equipment to aid in the restoration of those businesses who suffered from extensive damage to equipment and loss of income.  Our services helped to get our customers back up and running so they could continue to serve their communities who during this difficult time were in dire need of their local Laundromats.

    Before                                 After

  • September 2012 - A C Power Company opened Spin Doctor Laundromat in Hamilton, NJ.

  • August 2012 - A C Power Company opened a new Laundromat in Glenside, Pa

  • May 2012 - A C Power Company delivered a new Laundromat in Yeadon, Pa

  • January 2012 - A C Power Company opened a new Laundromat in Brick, NJ

  • George and Matt Gibbs of A C Power Company receiving the Outstanding Distributor Award from Steve Marcinetti of Card Concepts.

  • December 2011 - A C Power Company opened a new Laundromat in Reading, Pa.

  • June 17th 2011 - A C Power Company reopened a fully expanded and renovated Roebling Market Laundromat in Trenton, NJ.

  • January 14th 2011 - A C Power Company opened a new Laundromat in Somerdale, NJ. 

  • June 2010 A C Power Company opened a new Laundromat in Morrisville, Pa